​I was confused.

Was the fascination building inside me evoked by him?

Or the herb I smoked by the fire?

I spend nights thinking about the touches and craving 

And every particle of me questioning my desire… 

Was I desiring him ?

Or the Herb made me feel that way…




Like it always does when I inhale the magic of it by the spark of fire and wind. 

So I wrote him a letter to meet me by the ocean,

When the moon would be overhead 

And cause the waves to shine like diamonds in the sky. 

And we made love by the ocean

Deserted and covered by trees and shrubs 

Awake with heightened senses,

Quivering, moaning and hungry for love. 

He loved me like I wanted to be loved,

Evoking the wildness in me

And unleashing the dark desires that I never let out. 

United by our nakedness and beads of sweat

That were the residue of love and the wild need of Oneness,

We made love, thurst after thurst 

While the waves caressed us enveloping our love 

And running back to the ocean to share the same. 


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