Cliche, I know. Consider it #TBT


Circa 2020

It’s so crazy,
I have backspaced 666 words already.
Life in the coronaverse is like a rhymeless limerick.
Distorted to implode our minds with
Hymns singing of men in white and
The devil’s whisper broadcasted worldwide.

Strays will continue to bark,
None will bother to hear.

While people die, riots broil, and
‘Hate’ towers over common ground,
Breadwinners are turning blind-eyed;
Oiling locks, praying twice a day
For a meal for five.

Billboards covered in blood, and
Home feed floating with pictures of it;
#COVIDChronicles are trending,
But no one’s talking about the pandemic.

Of course, Daddy’s gotta earn.
Someone’s gonna burn.

You can hear the glasses clinging in the high towers,
Growls of hunger roaring beneath.

While we’re slitting each other’s throats in interstate,
In the name of race, caste and religion —
#BlackLivesMatter is trending in India.

We are having an affair.
A foreign affair. 

But who cares? —
Unless it outruns the current trend, yes?

Water under the bridge.
Got no money but big fat bills;
Ciao motherfuckers,  I got work incoming.