You are a father now.
Father to a baby girl
Whose smile will melt you
Compel you to become
Santa Claus, a tooth fairy
A superhero
A fiend.
On stepping on
Next level in the game
Called life.

May she fill your life with laughter,
Hop around singing your name.
May she unwrap giggles, and happiness
That you never thought would exist.
May the doll of your life
Be just like you – a wonderful human being!


Doughnuts and Pooh

With hot chocolate
And doughnuts coloured pink yellow and
I danced through the intro
And binged watching my darling –
Winnie the Pooh
Tigger my friend, leaping across
Hundred Acres wood,
Little Piglet running behind
Eeyore’s tail – again on the loose.

Childhood was fun
With pop crackers and lemonade
Afternoon naps, vacation and strikes –
The holiday season was always peeping through the line.

Happy Birthday A.A. Milne!

A loud thang and a star-kissed fling

A wardrobe in disrepair
Mutilated with a loud thang –
Buzzing through silence
In every calling.
A stranger,
A roommate as they call…
Yet a mystery to unbox.
A veranda parading the clouds
Passing by,
No place for shoes
But the dusty marble floor.
I yearn for more,
Contented with what I behold.
A roaring box of clothes,
Shoes in the open,
A new human to learn about,
And a handsome veranda –
That has won it all.

Words pierced through,
Like lightning through my heart.
I looked at their uncanny faces,
Unable to swallow
The words that followed.
I was shattered –
Eyes flooding up,
Breaking through
All the hurdles I built.
I pulled back my hair
My Tears
Put on my lipstick
And continued staggering through.