Fame, money, sex, ecstasy and God!

What a shame!
Fingering someone else’s jar
Stabbing hearts to smuggle kidneys afar.

So funny!
Blotting white sheets for dirty printed ones,
Dying hungry, eating money.

Eyeing for lust in the name of love,
Moaning names, playing hunger games.

A big mystery!
Blind but sneezing limes,
Sipping lemonade on the death bed.

A fraud?
Or humans who created them all?
Fame, money, sex and ecstasy –
Humans, petty humans
Thirsty for anything, but the wrath of God.



It is difficult to be out there
And constantly keep trying to be the perfect,
To be the best –
When you believe perfection is flawed.
It is onerous to be pulling down others
Burgeoning to fight for the same
For our names to be studded with diamonds
And wearing fame like a halo.
To cross swords –
For a heavy wallet to walk around with,
Donning a thousand dollar shoes;
While the sun is setting
To dawn upon us another Monday
And keep going on
Mocking us
While we march on for preeminence
Losing the essence of ordinary
Sluicing over to meet the extraordinary…
Conquering new realms
While watching the kingdom we left behind us fall apart
Whirling and juggling the one life we earned
To embrace the pangs of conscience.


Fear not the glances you’re greeted with
Fear not the words whispered at your back.
Fear not the great grand relations
Poking their asses into your business,
Fear not the judgemental smirks
Or that extra layer of fat.

Caught up in the middle
Of burps and goosebumps,
Fear no one but your decisions.
Say not something
But everything that you’re upholding,
Be the wild that you’re, be YOU.