​The monstrous animal under the skin so flawless,

Is an unpredictable spirit of love and hate.

Lurking over the lives of the innocents,

Rolling dice in the name of religion. 

Hiding the real colour of his heart,

Shading it with expensive tags.

Batting eye lashes rating the priceless, 

Spitting on the classics in the name of love. 

One little screen 

And he believes to have conquered the world,

Without flipping over the carpet 

To learn the unseen.

Presenting bottled venom in the name of elixir, 

Swearing disgrace in the name of the Lord. 

Carrying tattoos of humanity and big words of pre-eminence,

With a knife and a secret book of lies in hand. 

Donations continued to frame the black as white,

Sparking smile hiding the canines. 

Eye on the lives of independent souls 

Every one of him chained with cunning stories untold. 


​Every time I unfence the envelope to read my story

 I discover a missing part inside of me. 

Every time I look out of the window, 

My eyes catch nothing that can bring me out of grief. 

The walls stare at me with empty questions 

And condolence to submit

I breathe every day, smile when asked to…

But with nothing much to feel. 

Maybe deep inside 

Despite all my resentments and hidden anguish,

Despite the fact that I am scared 

To let emotions speak

Maybe I am begging for love 

Every time I find a meteor falling apart

Maybe I want someone to hold me tight

To sit and watch time pass by. 

Maybe I too want roses and midnight dreams, 

Maybe I too want LOVE to feel. 

Waves Sand And Vermilion Aesthetics 

​As the waves touch my feet with every arrival

Caressing my skin

Pulling me closer to the horizon,

The dancing waves and sand beneath gently swings me 

And I fall down to the softness 

Tasting the saltiness passed on through generations. 

The heat blinds itself 

Confronting the glimmering waves of ice

Cool breeze fetching the sound of the ocean Travelling long distances 

Through caves falls and shrines. 

As the drowsy orange ball falls down the line,

Little birdies fly back home

Boats and boards return to the shore. 

White clouds metamorphosed into vermilion synthetics 

Awestruck, my eyes capture the sudden aesthetic. 

I listen to the giggles fading into whispers,

Crowds disappearing into distant figures.

With every hour bygone

The sound of the ocean is deepened 

Waves crashing without any human warmth to touch,

Silence bragging 

Loneliness triggered. 

Buried temptation 

​For a fraction of second I fell in love with him, 

But scared of the truth I didn’t let it grow. 

I stabbed the emotion and didn’t let it bleed, 

I bandaged my wounded heart and faked some glow. 

Afraid of the dark and of the words I didn’t want to hear 

I buried the letter I wrote,

With all the butterflies and magic along. 

I couldn’t bear his No,

Of my unbidden love I couldn’t let him know. 

His hello was something I couldn’t afford to lose…

So I made up a story and covered all my cuts and blues. 


​It was a new beginning 

New city, 

Unknown street patterns 

And loads of work to get commited to. 

You were no more a memory to return. 

You were the cold steak I was never to taste, 

Forgotten and lost among the various other plies of my past. 

Smell of a similar cologne caught me off guard one day 

While  I walked through the crowd of the busiest hour. 

It smelled of comfort and attachment. 

Comfort that I missed for so long. 

With that sudden fragrance I felt hunger inside of me. 

Hunger for a place where I felt loved and overwhelmed. 

I rummaged through my heart to name the comfort I felt

And when I finally could find the right memory,

I had your name to my lips. 

The distasteful cold Steak that I was to avoid 

was forced to plate

And it made me sick again,

Sick enough to not be able to smile for days. 

Abandoned civilization 

​Half eaten pillars 

Support the sinking roof

While the flaky ground stay still 

Untouched by humans. 

Abandoned by the fear of war

Explosions and agony inflicted

The suburbs stand still

Holding it’s place to the ground. 

Damaged favourites scattered all over

Traffic unattended, vehicles left over. 

Baggages waiting 

For never landing flights,

Empty streets

Empty skyline. 

Lush greens turned brown

No flowers except some wild.

Parks covered with ashes and dust,

Blood strained walls and shaken crust. 

Rottening existence 

While holding hands of your beloved, 

Dreaming of a beautiful home and family.

While making plans for future,

Of travelling the world together.

Engraving promises of growing old hand in hand…

Of watching grandchildren play in the courtyard.

Remember that while you are dreaming of the future, 

The earth is dying already

Decaying gradually inch by inch. 

The clocking ticking to stop for The End,

The atmosphere mourning death. 

The places you promise to explore together won’t exist anymore

Promises to grow old will turn into 

Embracing tragic death watching your little children struggle for what they have never been a cause. 

The world is dying. 

And when it ends, it takes us all with it.