Trick Treats

Primarily non-fiction.
Sadly, sometimes fiction too.

There are books
you cannot coerce nor
seduce yourself
to read
without accompanying
assorted treats.

Unlike the ones
with some substance in it.

or the feel-good reads
with density lesser than that of the
word, but feels effortlessly comforting,
like going for a midsummer’s swim.

as the alphabets
throw in grande jetés
and steal the show,
while the wordy performance
(an absolute original)
unfolds before you —
like flowers
blooming all at once
as the sun sets its eyes on Earth
at dawn, when
lovers wake up to the morning wood
and singles snooze their Coulds and Shoulds…

You know it’s a good book, when

you stir less
read further, feel more.

When neglected,
the coffee gets cold.

Unlike the ones you need treats for,
books like this are REAL TREATS.

You never know!

Yes, it is that easy.

To be lost in the labyrinth of
like, follow, share, comment —
and the varying quantum combinations.

It’s not uncommon.
It happens quite often.

But dare I say,

after all the shit
you make me,
made me, like

if you’re unfollowing me
allow me the privilege to
unfollow you too.

Who knows?
Just like you,
I might have never
liked you, too.

No hard feelings,
no grudges will be sown.

Just that, when you let me go,