In between time
And space
While I am circling
The vagaries of life
And death,
Unknown to my subconscious
Memories hit me
Flooding me,
Haunting me,
Until I am all miserable and wretched,
Anchored in an ocean of agony and tears.

My subconscious
Is still mourning
My beloved momma’s death.
Chasing memories of her
Until it feels like a
Distant Star.
The dark blind me,
I am hit
I feel the hole in my chest again.
Uncanny and violent.

I miss her.
I miss both of us.


Abandoned Siesta

While the sound of thunder and pitter patter of the rain echo the country club, little squirry sneaks into the abandoned seat for a siesta.

Wagging ball of love

With his wagging tail,
Eyes recognising old faces,
Happy feet arrived
And licked my cheeks.

He is growing I see,
He is growing I feel.
He is a little bigger…
And a lot fluffier
Than the last time, I cuddled him.
Oh, it’s all too fragile, to begin with,
I feel jammy and starred
To see this little ball of fire
Grow up.

He is growing,
A fluffy big hairy
Dog named Smokey.
A puppy who wags his tail
And dances around
To the smell of weed.
I love him,
And I think
He loves me too.

The fart story

I wanted to fart
But with the gorgeous half clothes
I wear
To highlight more of my skin,
I did not want to leave the stink
On my butt;
Or let the smell of death reach
His nostrils breathing down my shimmering godly neck.

I pondered upon my moment of dilemma
And to come over it as
A sophisticated badass
Who never farts or
Grows hair on her skin,
I did what I did
when I was five
And had a real shot at this guy
Who once had gifted me a pineapple eraser –

I blamed it on him
And kissed him forgiveness.

Desperate times

And envious.
Deep down,
I feel like
A mermaid learning to walk
In search of that very ‘a-ha moment’
I have been drooling over.
I want flowers
Clothes, bags and shoes,
Watches and makeup.
A king-size bed
Wine and my boyfriend here,
Before I hit Monday rock bottom.

Purring in love

In between time when
Together we sit
And stare into infinity
While you spoon me in your own loving way,
I want to knead your lap like a cat
Purring till the end of time
Following you around
Until you grab me by my hand
And pin me down to bed.