​To me the rainbow flag symbolises not the gay pride, 

It symbolises humanity to me. 

Because pride is not falling in love with reproductive organs and curves,

Pride is in allowing your love to touch a soul. 

Pride is not a vagina to a penis,

Or a penis to vagina,

Pride is Love from within. 

Love is the centrifugal force 

Tying the north to the north… 

Letting the south touch the south,

Irrespective of what the religious texts or the so called rule book say. 

For love cannot be written down with bars encircling it,

Love cannot be weighed and plated to every living being. 

Let pride be the power of affection, 

Love in the most gorgeous form. 

Because Pride is not in judging what’s loved, 

Pride is in the acceptance of who we are.

(Because I vote for humanity)


Would you undress me

And spank my butt? 

Would you play with me 

And let me touch? 

Breathe with me,

Touch me now.

Rub me

Tease me

Fuck me now. 

I have seen you play enough,

Now love me hard.

I am yearning for you inside me – 

Fill me now. 


One body over another 

Skin to skin

Front to back

Back to front. 


How Seductive!

The more the better, 

Three four or five 

Mountains of them 

Or bedded in chains…

One book over the other 

Stacks and stacks 


How Romantic! 

Queen Of Geeks

No I am not found in the bookstores,

I am a forgotten piece of art.

I am the dust blown off the antique,

I am not the one framed and starred. 

I am a pencil blunt and unsharpened,

I am the last bit of eraser unused,

I am the paper in the trash for a blot on my skin,

I am the lost word subdued.

I cannot be the classics or the book bejeweled,

I cannot be weighed with the wind.

The beautiful words my senses confront,

Cannot evidently coexist with me. 

I am just another poet behind the crowd,

Hailing the queen 

And living the dream.

I write for the love of Literature – My Queen

Serving her for the sake of love indeed. 

(Currently reading the Six of Crows and I am in love with Kaz. ❀)


I will not be waking up any sooner, 

So do not knock and expect my voice in return. 

I will be here rolling over my bed-sheet,

Humming songs I want to sing, 

Reading the book I have near me

And sleeping until I have my sour mood unleashed.