Late night whiskey

I hate you. 

I wish I had never met you

Never returned your smile, 

Never looked into your eyes for more. 
I sing songs of moving on and falling in love again, 

I advice the broken hearts to tear the pages that hold them back 

And buy new ones for the old ones were not worth their expression.
But there are times when I cheat myself,

When I sit listening to songs that remind of you, 

Alone while no-one’s home

Pouring whiskey to my pain

And tears breakthrough 

My arms searching for your embrace

And my soul running all four directions for its long lost home. 

I cry. I cry a lot. 

But no one pays heed to my distorted sniffs,

No one looks into my pained eyes, 

No one consoles me. 
I sit and play all the memories of us, 

Of the PAST….

The past I claim to have left behind. 

The very thought of you makes me cry, 

It aches me to think of the moments we shared, 

And the moments I dreamt of sharing with you. 

They torture me. 

They make me cry like there is no end to my misery. 
I want to forget you, 

Dispose off all the memories 

But instead I end up cooking them into little tarts 

And eat them one by one, 

Relishing all that once I had tasted before with you. 

I feel the pain of losing you all over again. 

Over and over 

Only to never forget the face I had once touched

The lips I  had kissed, 

The laughter I loved to hear to,

And all of the time we spent together. 
I miss you. 

I miss you to remember you,

So your lost images never miss a fraction of its beauty to my mind. 

I miss you to live all the moments that flood my existence 

Only to remember your smiling face 

Every time I begin to drown.

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