The Lost Reverie 

​Google was the first to introduce me to him, 

Then eventually I learnt, studied the briefs.

Fiction framed itself to be cupid,

And I fell in love with all the stories of him. 
His thoughts drove me crazy while I was teen, 

Lost in the No-Man Land I searched for him. 

I fantasized him.

Fingers crossed, 

I hoped to find him in the dark Alley I searched. 

Winters passed,  nights turned away,

The alley remained deserted, 

Not a shadow appeared, 

Not a motion I felt. 
Yes I agree i was in love 

With a fictional character

But so what? 

Vampires have controlled my mind ever since I heard of them,

The interest intensified the more I read. 

I scaled the beliefs and arranged them in order, 

Alarmed of the danger, I was still not afraid of him. 
Reckless was I, my mind without fear

All I wanted was my vampire dear. 

He was my truth, he was my lie, 

In search of him,  I was not even afraid to die. 
Sneaking through peaks

Travelling with risks

At every corner it’s him I sought.

The very thought of Vampire still evokes that long lost dream…

Somewhere deep down, I am still in search of him. 

(I wrote a similar poem when I was seventeen. Just modified it a bit and added the last two lines. Yes, I still live with that fantasy in me.) 


5 responses to “The Lost Reverie 

  1. It’s interesting to know there’s another strange person like me 😉
    I used to fall in love with fictional characters I saw on screen or read about in books all the time! My mother thought I had lost it, haha!

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