After the tears

​It was me who let you undress me,

I powered you to take the lead. 

I smiled while you smirked at my displayed innocence 

It was me who let you touch my essence.

No. I don’t blame you,

Cause It was me who handed you the keys to my soul. 

I showed you the drawer where I kept my lies,

I read you my journal while you rolled the dice. 

I helped destroy myself. 

Yes it was me all the way. 

And now I won’t blame that you tore me apart,

Drowned me naked in love and decayed my heart. 

Crazy in love I painted you on every canvas I found,

Every word I wrote blossomed of you with Little red hearts.

Wide eyed I dreamt of us, our kids and their pets,

I was an open valley  with no walls or gates. 

I gave you the only umbrella I owned so you stay safe in the storm,

You didn’t offer me a walk along with you  and left me alone at my porch. 

I still sang songs of you and knitted dreams of us, 

While you drooled for prettier flowers in lust. 

I let go of Me in search of you, 

Such a fool was I… Such a fool. 


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