I wish! 

​I wish to be a writer,

Be the bestseller of the New York City. 

Published by the Posh House Of Books,

I want my book to be placed in front of the stack. 

I wish to live in a cozy writer’s apartment, 

And type words all day on my MacBook…

Sip Starbucks and smoke hash while I think of the next,

And also think about my instagram look. 

I wish to have the blue tick with my name,

I want to travel and live with all that fame.

Signing copies wearing the best outfit in town,

I want movies to be based on stories I drawn. 

I want to write and write,

I want a brain with humor and desire to type.

Laziness is my flaw and I hate to admit! 

But I wish to write novels- pages after pages. 

I want a cool book cover,

I want Crosswords smelling of my published books.

I want bloggers posting about my write-ups 

I want instagram posts of good things with my book. 

I want my book on the major bookshelves,

I want people to be crazy in love with what I write. 

I want to meet JK Rowling and visit Hogwarts,

I want to see things that is happy and bright. 

Backpack along with a MacBook, sufficient Pot and money, 

A cool writer who travels – Yes!  That’s what I wish to be. 

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