Fearless Lust

Her shapless bust, deliciously sexy to my hold,
Her electric guitar bottom, dynamically bold.
Her bursting out lips, it makes me wet,
Her long luscious hair, the smell so great.
Her perfectly exposed skin, so fair and clean…
The sound of her anklet ringing, and I wake up from the dream.
I could smell her cologne, her breath so close,
A bite on my ear and my senses arose.
My eyelids part and I see her beside me,
Craving for nakedness, wanting me on my knees.
I waste no time and undo my fly,
Ready and alive in her mouth I dive.
She plays around my skin while i feel
and rise,
Her flawless bare skin, I was given my price.

Thrust after thrust, sweats and morns,
Through the thick drawn curtains I could hear his Audi’s horn.
The cold fear of exposure crawled through our bones,
She left me hidden under the bed alone.
I could hear her giggles, I could smell some rose,
Roses! her favourite… great Anniversary gift he chose.
Silence followed, but not for long,
The door opened wide and I could see her in his arms.
They made love upon me, while I kept my breaths checked,
I wanted to fuck her too, but controlled for her sake.
After he leaves for his flight she will be mine again.
And then I will fuck her harder! Till every inch of me drained.


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