He looked at me and flowed flirty words from his mouth,
Known to his dirty composition, I didn’t let my sarcasm shout.
I did not talk to that mofo, just let out a smile instead,
With no words out of me, the conversation turned deaf.
He was quiet then but he texted me the next day…
With his attitude and looks he tried to slay.
He was masked to the elements I was made of,
And he kept on trying, banging his head on the rock.
Days of chats and his appeals to meet again,
Silence followed after every trial in vain.
A fucker he was, in search of holes,
He wanted me to play his neat  submissive’s role.
I was no whore and so I denied his hand,
He disappeared to a new site, like the dunes of sand.

One year and sixty five days later he returned,
He rushed from nowhere, pulled me up and jerked.
He gripped my hair, slapped me and pulled me to a room,
He whipped me hard, on me he doomed.
“How dare you criticize me? I will fuck you hard now!” He said,
Shivering and agitated, tears I shed…
No way I could stop him, he preyed on me,
Once done he laughed and set me free.
“Mind your words the next time, all I hear,
I am devil myself, no one I fear.”
“Revenge wears prada?” He laughed and looked down at his shoes,
” Girl, Revenge wears Nike!” He smirked and walked out of the room.



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