Yours truly, Wine & Whining Co.

If you have a story to tell,
I will make you cocoa,
offer ice cream, cake
sit next to you and
listen to your tale.

I wouldn’t caw.
I wouldn’t join the mocking birds.
I wouldn’t judge. Or
gamble your tale
if ever I am dragged into
the orbit of Chinese whisperers.

If you have a moment to share
could be history or
what appears now hopeless,
the possibility
of your art’s perpetuity —
I will not call you madman
or roll my eyes behind your back.

If you’re carrying a lump
in your throat, one that has been
weighing you down, for a while now,

one that you wish to drag out
from the labyrinth of your mind
to mull over and wail
until you’ve achieved
a lighter state of mind
and a cotton-mouthed voice,

I shall continue
to uncork bottles of wine

until you’re willing to uncork
your share of bottled up tears.

I will refill your cup and
hold you when you break
listen to your tale,
until you’ve emptied your mind
turned over to a new page. 

And if you wish to return
have a story to tell
you will find me here
with ice cream, cocoa,
cakes and wine —
waiting for a soul to stir,
to have a story to share.