About Me!

Hello folks!

I am Tanushree Karmakar, a Geography student from India.

Writing Verses is the only way through which I express myself. I write about whatever I feel hear and see.

Here is a poem I wrote and this will give you a quick ride through my blog telling you about my scribbled words.

I don’t write fancy words…

My phases doesn’t shine like the high profile studs.

No exotic flower I plant in my secret little garden,

None of my characters are as famous as Mickey or Tarzan.

Simple and captivating are my words,

It pets the Reader’s heart.

Turning frowns into smiles..

Lucid and modish is my style.

Fusion beats my mind play,

Cramped theories and favouritism it slays.

I don’t write for the geeky lovers of fancy genre,

I write for the ones who simply loves to read…

Without any dictionary or any reference in need.


I express through my unplugged verses and that’s how I roll.


With a cup of strong coffee to drool over,

I am a cursed soul beading poetry together.

Happy reading to all! πŸ’™πŸ˜‡β˜•