​The wind carried her perfume to him

And returned with his scent brushing against her skin,

The wind that blew through his hair 

And touched her cheeks. 

She felt him,

In a far-flung land … 

His presence intoxicating her’s 

Miles away 

Brought by the wind.


A Windy Tale 

Do you feel this wind? 

I wish it travels through you

Like it traversed through me,

Caressing your presence with mine

And carrying your scent back to me

Far away from my touch. 

I wish this wind ride with my perfume 

Reminding you of me

And the tranquillity

Of what we share;

I pray this wind touch you 

Like it just touched me. 


Fuzzy warm deck 

Blooming underneath 

A carved wooden swing – 

My outdoor reading spot,

With a tea pot always

Resting on top of the table

And a cookie jar hidden in the drawer. 

The trees 

They dance 

When the fallen leaves fly,

And I light a smoke 

And hum along the sky. 

A joint and a cup of tea 

Books and glasses of wine 

Life is outdoor for me

With books by my side.