It was all dangerously beautiful

And I was savouring as much as I could.

But like the wind blows and summer dies,

And winter awakens the wounded pride;

I woke up from my dreamlike sleep

To the damp ceiling

And to the rotten tang

Of dead flowers by my side.



I saw a beautiful illustration 

Of the love I desired;

He waited

Smelling of roses,

The flares of his smile 

Melting the shield around me. 

His silhouette waited 

For mine to kiss,

I touched the surface 

Of what was an illustration

Of my mind

And to my surprise, 

I felt the warmth of his skin

The affection he wanted me to feel

The love I had been searching for 

All this while

But I pulled back in fear. 

I touched him again

And felt his presence,

While his eyes devoured the 

Freckles on my skin. 

I placed my hand on his chest 

And waited. 

He smiled 

And pulled me into an embrace. 

He was real, 

I was home. 


It is almost winter.

The snow will fall 

And the drowsy sun 

Will snooze for longer,

Blushed cheeks 

Will be worn 

With warm winter hues;

Love will be felt

Be it together hand in hand 

Or alone. 

Hot cocoa and fondue 

Will leave stains on the pages last read,

And twinkles of Christmas will cast its 

Ever enchanting honey glaze. 

It is almost winter… 

Almost time for long hugs and fuzzy socks,

Almost time for the season of magic and love. 

Was supposed to publish this post on WordPress long back but circumstances kept me away. Nonetheless here it is. 

I hope you guys enjoy my poems. 

Have A Very Merry Christmas. 

Cheers to life. ūüć∑

My stolen Christmas 

She is my stolen Christmas

Taken away to the faraway land,

The water is frozen in my teapot,

The cookies in the jar taste like dust.

Gone is my mother

Stolen by the wind of the north,

And what’s left here is

Cold winter

Burning with frost.

Frozen life and cold skin

Untouched by the Christmas warmth;

Gone is my mother,

Stolen by the wind of the north.


They praise my bravery 

For not a tear escaped my eyes

In front of them. 

I don’t mourn the way they do. 

I don’t howl 

Or shiver in pain

Or feel my watery eyes 

Dampen my cheeks. 

I just sit down on the floor 

Beside my Mom’s reading chair 

And stare into infinity. 

I don’t feel the pain 

Or the burn 

Or the lump that is 

Supposed to reside inside of me 

As the concentration of sorrow 

Grow inch by inch 

Every second and minute 

Eating away my sanity. 

I feel the strong sense of emptiness,

The Deathly hollow in my heart 

Empowering the darkness in me

Where my soul is chained 

To feel the excruciating pain of her absence.

I cry for her return

In a land where no-one can hear me. 

Where there is no light 

Or smell of her favourite roses

Only the stinking smell of death 

And the foul sound of cry hovering over me. 

I run from one end to the other, 

Back and forth 

Again and again 

In search of her warmth

Her soft blushed cheeks

The sound of her unbridled laughter 

And her innocent giggles;

Her dangling jewelry 

Her big round red bindi 

Emanating the sparks of happiness and joy,

Her gentle warm breath of fresh air and love….

There is a storm growing inside of me,

An apocalypse dismantling my universe 

Without the touch of her unconditional affection. 

On the outside I am calm and still

Staring into space 

Feeling nothing. 

While inside …

I am not sure if I am breathing. 


‚ÄčIt is not about the gains at the end of time, 

But the elements that define our existence 

And the timeless experience we engage ourselves into. 

For certain things cannot be weighed or chained for ever, 

Sometimes it is merely about the moment 

And the feeling that remains, 

Nothing else. 

My Unbearable Loss

‚ÄčAfter I lost my mom

I realised I had everything before,

Yet I cried for nothing and more.  

And now that my only cradle is gone,

I have been deafened for life 

To her sweet sweet lullaby. 

Yet again cold is my skin 

Where her kisses melted the frost.

I am wintry and in flames;

Without her warmth 

I am diseased for life. 


 Rest In Peace Mummy. 

5th January 1965 – 2nd December 2017