​And she was gone

Lurking in the darkest alleys; 

Hiding from the mornings 

And the labyrinth of time and life. 

She held on too tight 

To the what was left to her –


Memories that fed on her.

She is slowing becoming 

What she is afraid of,

Lurking in the dark, alone

Consumed by the fears she bore in her heart. 


The night before the fall

​It was all silent for a while 

Then I heard an inhuman voice roar.

The windows shut tight 

To choke the chilly wind outside,

Started to tremble in cold. 

I pulled the quilt over my head 

And hugged myself tighter.

It is almost winter. 


​In the circus of life

We are driven by lust 



And the constant need 

For consistency in our lives. 

With falsity masked by laughter, 

We are living amidst 

A Never Ending War Of Needs. 

Dark Matter


When no-one’s watching, 

My bruised heart force my fingers 

To type your name in the Search bar. 

A smile escape 

As I try to feel your presence 

Through the photographs of you so quiet and still;

Your happy face 

Remind me of the warmth I am forbidden to

Since your last call. 

I stare at the screen 

With what feels like smoking ice cubes 

Inside my skull,

But nothing –

Nothing except pitch dark emptiness. 

The suppressed hunger awakens 

And it churns my soul with the dark matters 

I am to avoid. 

Seconds circle to minutes

And slowly the venomous emptiness in me

Attempts to strangle my heart 

And cause excruciating pain to my existence. 

I regret each time 

I enforce a sin in my name 

By recalling the complete emptiness you caused me

Only to infect myself with dark matters of the past. 


The embers of my love for you still burn.

Slow and weak

But not dead. 

Sunflowers 🌻 

My silly dangling sunflowers 

Furnish no scent to spellbound 

The infectious fetish for wild roses and thorns,

Yet the warmth radiated from 

It’s bright yellow blossoms

Reincarnate the feel of Summer in the middle of the bitter-cold fall;

It brought the sun to me 

When in the dark I was disarrayed and lost –

My silly dangling sunflowers …

Sunbathing against the cold damp wall of my wrecked loft.