Alone she sat down, 

Ordered cappuccino for two

And brooded over him and life. 

#haiku (trying to expand my base.) 


A lousy morning 

#tanka #firstattempt 

​She stood petrified 

While the kettle whistled wild.

The jar echoed silence –

She had not a tea leaf left;

Damn her slothful dappy brain.

Trick or treat 

Twilight succumbs to a pitch dark evening 

And glows the eerie pumpkins carved with grinning toothy faces. 

Creepy looking savouries and sweet, and

Strange mocktails crawl the menu board –

Eyeball candies, 

Cobweb donuts, 

Mummy tarts, 

Gooey green jello shots and more. 

Children dressed in costumes 

Knock the neighborhood for sweet child mischief,

While grown-ups in the wood discern some erotic fictional foreplay for the night. 

Every year is a new costume  we celebrate,

And in the very same old fashion Halloween prevails,

Except the idea of trick or treat in our head

That becomes a little more sultry with age. 


Hello Halloween 🎃 

It is the time of the year 

To read as many of R. L. Stines’s Goosebumps, 

Neil Gaiman or Stephen King. 

Time to put the jack-Ăł-lanterns on the doorstep,

And watch the spooky flickering orange flames contradict the dark.

Soon pretty little monsters and pirates 

Will be unleashed to perform trick-or-treat;

So I better put on my Halloween costume,

And squirt some tomato ketchup on it. 

It is time again to celebrate diy Oreo spiders and glowing faces in the dark,

Boo my noisy neighbors and  

Spook the shit out of them… 

Oh come on!

I am allowed to do a little mischief today

After all, Its Halloween again. 

Dusty Bookshelf 

I revisited my oldest affairs –

The dustiest nook of my bookshelf 

That stood still,

Unventured for years.

And from amongst what I reckoned 

Were a lackadaisical concoction 

Of distaste and unspirited colors –

I found myself an astonishingly 

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious read. 
It is disheartening to realise that 

I always dodged this corner of the bookshelf.

Like a sleepless cuckoo

I spent most of my life searching through the shelves in the bookstores,

Just to find the perfect read for my caprices.

While right here under the same roof 

Of where I live, it stood;

Waiting behind time 

For my dishevelled soul to settle for its old familiar smell. 

The undissolved memory

Incapable of calculating my emotions and actions 

I let loose all the remorse and pain to run through my veins.

It traversed to places 

That caused me excruciating pain and suffering 

I felt suffocated and out of oxygen,

Felt like the concentration of all the mishaps inside of me 

Was growing too beasty and heavy 

For together my body and soul to support. 

Those were terrible times,

Vicious dark times –

And my faith trembles at the very thought of it.