Attention, Attention. 

A tight round ass or a bouncing luscious butt, 

If the figure is slim and sexy with a busty front and a sexy back, male eyes can turn 360° if it calls for that. Strange how when women get paired up, we hardly do that any more. Yeah, our eyes may turn to check out the hot guy we caught eyeing us but with our boyfriend’s picture in mind we take in the appreciation and keep walking straight.  But men! Gosh! 

All you need is a tight dress that shows off your curves and they are easily distracted. So does that mean that relationships don’t count when a hot girl passes by? 

When we question about the growing evil flabs in our body all they say is how much they love us for what we are and that they don’t care even if we wear pyjamas for the night. But then why look at the hot chicks when you tell me that? 

Hahaha. To say the truth, we all crave for beauty. Why do you think love at first sight happens?  A fool you are if you consider it to be some cosmic attraction. No darling, it’s just that you were luckily wearing the clothes that caught his eyes. Your well served body was relished by his eyes and baam – love at first sight.  

Some love stories are blessed with inner beauty appreciation, but for most of the single ladies like us, love never finds its way to our heart at the first glimpse. And this fast moving city, we first see each other and then drink in the potions that contain our interests and hidden truths. So what do we do for the opportunity?

To invite our crush for the Potion Date, we first need to know the phone number. 

Women often take it to be a showdown once the proposal is placed down on the knees and the sacred three words whispered to our ears. We rush back to the closet, unzip the dress and wear the plus sized T-shirt we own and with our wiped out make up, we snuggle beside our boyfriends. Ah! Reached the destination finally. 

But that’s a huge mistake we make. 

The war is still not over. There are millions of female bodies walking down the street and men drooling all over them. If only we had goggles that could see through men’s mind, and see past their pants, we could witness the reaction each time their eyes catch a female. 

So ladies who throw away their make up kits or stop walking into the make up and clothes section while shopping and instead searching for a heart warming gift for him….. You might have just lost the case.  

Do not ever stop adorning yourself. It is like walking into a war without any weapon. Yes, a war I call it because it just never ends! Once you start, you might win the first battle and the situation may seem calm with his lips on your neck and his fingers searching for the hook underneath your T-shirt, but do not forget that you are not the only female kind in the world. Even though love might make you feel like you have conquered the world and that you and him are complete together, there still remains uncountable single women who are looking their best to lure the male species around. And yes, your man is one of the many males. 

Frustating….. Isn’t it? But even when we ignore this thought and move on with “not Every man is the same,” trust me darling, you are just fooling yourself. Just like you cannot stop yourself from checking out the hot guy in the metro and suddenly start acting conscious and sexy, even men cannot stop looking around for some refreshments. So what do we do?  

Nothing as such. Just do what we can do best. Love ourself. Because only when you love yourself, you care to look after your body and soul. 

Wear the lipstick even if you are just going for a walk with him. Because lipsticks are life saviours when we are not in the mood to dress. 
We women are lucky to have such a wide range of accessories clothes shoes bags and makeup  to look good and feel good. Sometimes I wonder what we would do without them….. These non living things  add so much life to the otherwise dull lives. 

But does that mean we have to keep the plaster on even when we are not in the mood to and just want to go around with some colourless lip gloss coated on our lips?

The answer to that is quite simple and yet the same as mentioned few lines above. When you start with the self love routine, you want to take care of yourself even when you are sick and tired. You will manage to find the perfect outfit that will make you feel comfortable and alongside right on point for the move. I tried it and trust me, I don’t want to look good for the World, I want to look good for myself. 

Well, sometimes it does it get tiring and there are times when i just want to go for the class wearing a dull tee and the worst fitted jeans I own. But then again, I cannot afford to look like a potato sack especially when I can see how I look in the mirror. Be it any shape or any size, there is always a perfect outfit for us. And not just “A perfect outfit” there are millions. All waiting for our one eye contact and touch, and our credit card. 

Sounds hard? 

Well let’s not forget, we are Wonder Women. If we can work for 15 hours straight still manage a smile on our face, we deserve to look good and feel good at every point of our lives. 
No matter how much we console ourselves saying that we are not attention seekers, deep down we all want attention, even if the measure of the intensity is a tiny bit. 
And with men and their ever erupting hormones in this world, if you want attention, you need to give attention to YOURSELF. That is the only survival strategy. Period. 


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