Tangled in the era of strings and straps

Love is vintage now. The modern market is all about sex and scotch and the L word has been banned. 

After the movie release of friends with benefits and no strings attached, it seems like it has become a new religion. People sound too busy to be caught up in a love relationship these days. And when there is a train to catch, sex without any strings attached seems to be a fast and totally efficient option for the racing humankind. 
In this modern world it must be too crazy to wait for love to deflower a virgin maid. . This is not the golden era of love that used to be black and white and romantic. 

Seems like globalisation and change of trends did effect the sex life of human beings. 

Why do people no more want to be a part of commitment??  How hard can it be?  Or did the brain capacity of handling a relationship gone down with revolution?

I have so many questions unanswered.
In seven out of ten cases it is the lady who loses the game of no strings attached and falls in love with the man she is dating. Women own ice cream heart that melts when touched by the warmth of affection – I heard a thousand times. And Men are stronger and fit with an iron fist –

But that doesn’t conclude they own iron hearts… Or do they? 

Sounds like men literally let their penis do the talking and shut down their brains when in front of a pussy. And women get distracted and greedy as one can be for Sale and discount offers, and they start asking more than what’s served on the plate. 

Though I must say I am embarrassed to admit that as I get to meet new People in the city, I come across the fashion of such deals to be very common and alongside men, women too are playing with fire as they keep their strings loose while fucking men. 
Dates are no more about going for dinner and sealing the deal with a romantic kiss. It looks like nobody wants to know about your favorite flower or your dreams. The sole interest has shifted to the discussion of sex – Experience, favorite position, virginity and rooms available for undisturbed sex….

 The condom in the wallet is more talked about than selecting a menu. 

Is sex the reason why we want to get into relationships?? Just to fulfill our needs? 
Friends with benefits is fine as long as the terms are respected by the individuals involved. But how to deal with relationships that are based on lies and hidden burning needs?

The more you experience this shit, the more you loose your trust over love. Some change themselves to suit the trend while some like me stay holed up in their rooms. 

Is LOVE so difficult to find? 

Last time I checked, relationships were supposed to mean commitment and emerged out of love. But now people first commit, then have sex to realise it they do feel love for each other. And in most of the cases one of the couple will feel after months of sex that he/she doesn’t feel what should be felt for the other. 

Like seriously? It is like licking off the last bit of the food served and then signing off with a bad review. 

Maybe this is how things work now. But don’t you feel that clarification and straight conversations could be more fruitful?  

We all have hidden desires. But often lured by love, even if we don’t want to, we start falling for the person. And then suddenly boom! After months of courtship and sex the person you fell for, walks out keeping you hanging. 

Finding love has become harder than looking for vampires. In the next seven years, I might actually end up with one but yet people will keep searching for true love around the corner of the bars and pool parties. 

So what should we do?  Should we go with the flow or keep our vagina intact?  

We need to remember that sex is a need that cannot be suppressed or denied. But that doesn’t mean that when we don’t find a suitable human sex toy,  we target the ones in search of love. 

If only we could read human mind, we would’ve saved ourselves from hitting the ground. 

But until that day of invention,  we need to keep our swords in hand while walking through the jungle of love, relationship and sex. 


17 thoughts on “Tangled in the era of strings and straps”

  1. You touched on the reality of what people are calling love…really resonated with your thoughts! It definitely makes for good writing, because we know love is so much more than what we are seeing around us. Peace ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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