2:00 AM puffs and burning temptation  

As I smoke my cigarette at 2 am

Staring at the sky painted blood red,

All alone witnessing the raging storm 

Standing in the veranda of my little apartment – 

I imagine the couple next door 

Snuggling in their cozy bed

After thirst quenching hours of sex…. 

And I realise how alone I am.

Single ever since heart broken

Preferring to cover the curves in old Pjs,

Rather than hitting the club

In some gorgeous outfit and trying out life. 

Is it a sad life? 

Though I am completely satisfied 

And at peace with just the way it is,

Or maybe I wouldn’t mind a little game 

With some temptation calling for bed. 

But I don’t want one night stands… 

I want more. 

All that more has to offer. 

Nonetheless I cannot deny my deepest desire 

Craving for someone to lay his hands on me…

Quite a debate it is 

And tricky, as I am the sole speaker

Balancing the right and the wrongs. 

Caught up in the middle of the white and the black

Waiting for the shade of grey to pop up 

Hoping to play with fire

And afraid to burn 

I find myself standing at the same threshold 

Like years ago. 

There is no way out of it without burning my toes.

Maybe some times I need to left alone 

With cigarettes at 2 am,


To battle the storm

And figure out the shades I want to try on…

Instead of wearing the tightest dress when I don’t want to wear 

And rush to the club for Margaritas and Sex. 


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