Entraordinarily exquisite Swiss and international delicacies 

Rested behind the polished glass of the European throne,

Chandeliers, perfect drapes and interior 

Arranged for an experience to allure. 
It was like I had entered a castle 

To my 7 year old memory, 

An elegant architecture carved out of the whites. 

My little head would go round and round 

Absorbing the the beauty of such a place I had never seen…

Cakes so delicious like  I had never tasted before, 

And my first sip of tea was here at flury’s. 
The legendary flury’s still stands with pride,

To be the eye candy of the sweet tooths of the city. 

Doors opening to old colonial interior,

Transporting one to royalty. 
Now here I am back after years, 

To enter the same palace of my 7 year old dream. 

My mouth watering for a hearty breakfast to indulge in, 

After a drenched night overpowered by grim.


12 thoughts on “Flury’s ”

    1. When I first walked into flurry’s at the age of 7, it was a well lit grand palace room to my eyes. And now after years that I entered this establishment, I felt the same. The experience here is a must. The breakfast is delicious but to be very frank, the price is too overrated. Maybe that’s because of the legacy of this place and the grandeur.
      Anyhow, it’s an experience that cannot be missed.


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