Rain check 

Dark clouds take over the whites,

As the eternal shine is whipped off the sky. 

Busy feets rushing for some shade to hide

While I sit near the Tea stall with a cigarette to light. 

The first thundering and my tea is served,

I light my cigarette as raindrops start pouring from above. 

An inverted rainbow takes over my face 

While suited men curse the rain. 

I take a sip of my tea

Just perfect as one can be, 

Some smoke to feel in the gaps 

I wallow in the after heat shower in the city. 


18 thoughts on “Rain check 

      1. My name is Tanushree Karmakar and I am currently residing in kolkata, West Bengal, India.
        It’s too hot here with occasional rain but the humidity is never gone.
        Else, things are fine except, when I read the news headlines, I wish to run away to some lonesome place and spend the rest of my life there.

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      2. Actually i’m bit curious to know.
        So if you could just tell me here or other way out.
        I’d be glad to know from a person who is facing actual scenario rather than media.


      1. I just went through your blog and….
        Don’t be upset. You are a talented writer. U will earn back all the followers and likes you deserve. ☺
        This time stay far far away from that “Start Over” button.


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