City lights sparkling brighter 

With ultra modern engines and machines. 

Gargantuan spaces and obscure streets,

Unfettered conurbations, bridges 

And hefty commercial fleets.

Halogen lit lanes, wide and empty, 

Sweaty bodies brushing against each other in greed. 

Every word is a secret here, 

And not what it is supposed to mean, 

Innocent faces hiding bruises and the devil residing within. 

Against human skin plastered with currencies 

The handful of coins in my pocket cannot stand to compete. 

My unkept hair doesn’t match the brand they wear, 

My smile cannot fight their demonic glares. 

My switchblade looks blague at odds with their machetes 

How do I survive here away from my bed

Now in some distant land

Where monsters I heard of walk past me?

I am left an orphan here with no guardians to took after me,

Alone here cornered

I wonder how long will I breathe.


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