Tale of my crippled carousel

​I had sealed my way out of the box.

It was here I was to breathe,

And bloom under my own shine. 

The veranda was all I allowed to myself,

A peep into the real world 

Which looked inviting but too sparkling for my eyes. 

I would go out of the door only when my stomach would cry for food, 

Step out in front of the people 

Only when I was in need to be found. 

Life was all scripted by me

And sealed. 

But there seems something still missing 

Something that was not scripted by me. 

The thrill of the unknown, 

The stroke of another soul against mine.

The laughter and giggles of the late night hours,

Loud music and unsubscribed journeys to try. 

The jerks of the ride and the surprising breeze oozing by, 

The shower of gummy bears and candies surprising my fallen pride. 

I miss the uncertainties and the lessons that blossomed in spring,

Maybe a little risk is worth taking

For it has so much thrill and lessons to preach. 


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