Like a neglected Pebble I stand among the millions

Big enormous stones showing off it’s metamorphosed skin with pride

I have tiny details but the materialised eyes don’t find them

And here on the corner of the untouched Sandy beach I lie. 

I wait to be loved 

To be touched and felt

But the sunbeams never falls on my side. 

My lips sing song of solitude and joy 

Life is beautiful 

To my soul I lie. 

As the waves crash against the shore 

I pray for the touch of life

But the waves return never asking for me

Never acknowledging my existence at this barren side. 


6 thoughts on “Pebble

  1. You are the twinkling pearl in the shore
    Everyone may not find you
    But one whoever find you take you to their heart
    You are unique and rare so we love you too much 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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