I had it all planned. 

I was to send you a morning bouquet of the flowers you love

Followed by me with a lit birthday cake standing at your door. 

I was to cook you breakfast and kiss you a good day,

I was to make you feel special amidst all the tangles and disarrays. 

I had these little things planned to celebrate your born day just the way you wanted always. 

I was counting days with growing excitement and anticipation,

But sadly nothing could follow because you never let me in. 

The candle melted into the cake,

While the rotten bouquet rest in the dumpster.

I could do nothing as planned 

Nothing except silent prayers to the lord. 

Happy Birthday love

Happy Birthday. 

31 responses to “Birthday 

    • Saved you all the energy and money!Could have been waste otherwise. You are lucky!
      I feel lucky too. But at that moment when I had written this poem, I was heart broken and foolish in his love. Now I have my senses back.


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