Fallacious Insight 

Get your ass out of the pigeon hole you live in

Just because I have my hair cut short –

Short like the hair men wear,

Doesn’t mean I am a tomboy or lesbian,

Doesn’t mean I have to be judged without my story told to you.
I fancy men,

I love to swirl in the black dress I wear.

I love nail paints and red…

But wait, 

Why do I have to put up an explanation for a pea brained like you? 
All you need to keep in mind 

Is how mysterious I look. 

Keep building the rumors you believe in,

And better watch out 

For one thing you are not wrong about 

Is how dangerous I can be. 


14 responses to “Fallacious Insight 

  1. A femme fatale with short hair swirling in a little black dress with red nail polish on her nails.

    You can’t get much more dangerous than that.

    When they see you coming down the dark streets and back alleys, they better run. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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