I never gave much thought to who I had become. 

Seeking pleasure in the backseat of the car

Or be it on the kitchen counter or the staircase

My hunger was satisfied 

And maybe that was all my growing body needed. 

But not until i met him.

He promised to not just fill me 

But fill me with all the love and emotion I was deprived of.

He treated me like I always wanted to be. 

One month 

Two month

Five six seven,

And then he fucked me 

And dropped me home and never returned.

I called his name in my sleep

Shit, I was in love with him. 

Tears again? 

Dark past forging my present… 

Could I allow the hollowness take me again? 

No, I did not want to be lost. 
I chose to be a pleasure seeker once again 

For love was certainly not my cup of tea.

His friend wanted to fill in his place 

And without a second thought I allowed him to. 

He touched me

And I touched him back

He moaned for more 

He spanked me hard

But I felt nothing,

Except all hollow inside. 

What had happened to me? 

Was it not all I needed? 
And then I heard a voice screaming 

It said I had had enough. 

I was not a pleasure seeker 

I was in dire need of love.
I pushed him and ran away from that path

He shouted back at me 

And slapped me hard. 

“My brother did right to you 

You are just a hole to be fucked. 

A pimp is all you are 

Fuck off you bitch 

Get off my yard.” 
I cried that night,

I braced my fallen self and cried hard. 


14 responses to “Fallen

  1. I don’t know what to say. I really wanted to write something here in the comment box, but now words fall short. Can’t say anything. As always, you’re an awesome writer..

    Liked by 1 person

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