Reader’s Den

It was a lonely afternoon 

Dark clouds towering my little hometown. 

I was heart broken and lonely,

I was in need of some wine and company. 

I waited for my phone to bling,

But not a sound escaped from the little rings. 

With my face stuck to the window I cried, 

The clouds darkened and lightning striked. 

It was then I thought of reading the book I once left,

The unread pages bookmarked

Called out my name. 

I dragged my gloomy self to the shelf untouched, 

And cradled the book I had once ditched for love.

The love was not love but a broken key chain, 

I lost the key to my world back

And stood unprotected in the rain. 
I hesitated,

For I felt strong guilt for my betrayal.

But the book smiled and opened itself to me, 

To the page I left unread. 
I snuggled into the softeness of my reading corner

And sniffed the Book’s enchanting raw smell. 

I started to read and soon found the lost key

In between the spectrum 

And since then it has never been dull,

And I am glad I found my way back to the reader’s den.



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