​To me the rainbow flag symbolises not the gay pride, 

It symbolises humanity to me. 

Because pride is not falling in love with reproductive organs and curves,

Pride is in allowing your love to touch a soul. 

Pride is not a vagina to a penis,

Or a penis to vagina,

Pride is Love from within. 

Love is the centrifugal force 

Tying the north to the north… 

Letting the south touch the south,

Irrespective of what the religious texts or the so called rule book say. 

For love cannot be written down with bars encircling it,

Love cannot be weighed and plated to every living being. 

Let pride be the power of affection, 

Love in the most gorgeous form. 

Because Pride is not in judging what’s loved, 

Pride is in the acceptance of who we are.

(Because I vote for humanity)


27 responses to “Pride

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  2. Such a beautiful strong post! On Saturday in support of LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 and to show my support my Pride London I actually did my eye makeup in the beautiful colours of the 🏳️‍🌈 and blogged about it! It would be lovely to know what you think! Again, lovely post keep it up! Your words are beautiful!

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  3. Great poem and such strong and powerful words. I agree- the rainbow flag is not just to symbolize gay pride, but to accept everyone for who they are.

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