Queen Of Geeks

No I am not found in the bookstores,

I am a forgotten piece of art.

I am the dust blown off the antique,

I am not the one framed and starred. 

I am a pencil blunt and unsharpened,

I am the last bit of eraser unused,

I am the crushed paper now trash for a blot on my skin, 

I am the lost word subdued.

I cannot be one of  the classics or the book bejeweled,

I cannot be weighed with the wind.

The beautiful words my senses confront,

Cannot evidently coexist with me. 

I am just another poet behind the crowd,

Hailing the queen 

And living the dream.

I write for the love of Literature – My Queen

Serving her for the sake of love indeed. 

(Currently reading the Six of Crows and I am in love with Kaz. ❤)


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