Ode to the Vizag trip and friends 

Composition of music unplugged 

Stacks of liquor, cigarettes, and stash. 

Late night whispers and laugher unbridled,

Stealing pleasures at times of deprival. 

Unending sessions of uno

And knocking doors shouting Hello,

Dancing along the waves of the Bay 

Cameras everywhere capturing good days.

Gossips of the universe, 

Stoned and alcoholic laughter,

Lost sirens, hide and seek,

Plastics discarded,

Inner fillings revealed. 

Shopping bags exceeding luggage,

Perks of travelling the land of dreams.

A group of best friends 

Chasing the fireflies of love

Finding the sercets

Levelling respect and forming new identities.

Crawling through the cave of the dark unholy, 

We found light in the darkest hours of night…

Sand castles built strong enough to survive,

Promises sworn for the maintenance of the created vibe. 

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