Wicked touches 

In the name of love we plead for the fulfillment of our sexual desire,

Neatly cutting off the edges that stage lovers chasing one another.

Forgotten is the excitement of secret glances and quick touches,

And Romance including pretty vibrant hearts and flowers.

Sensuality collides before fingers intertwine,

And thurst after thurst is forgotten the pleasure of gentle holy kisses. 

In the name of love hurricanes surface,

With splashes of lust to reach the extremities of bliss. 
Lovers meet not for conversation or candle night dinners.. 

But to savor each other until both claimed winners. 

The sweet name of love is stained by needs that rotten the sound of it,

Pleasures running wild with lust for money, 

Exotic fabrics, glowing skin,

And confused dimensions of aesthetics. 

Sex has never been Love without caresses and serenity 

Sex is a necessity while Love a luxury. 

But men and women are thirsty liars 

Serving love wrapped with gasoline and fire. 


27 responses to “Wicked touches 

    • That’s a controversial question. For me love is feeling comfort and being what I am without any hesitation. Love is feeling overwhelmed and happy and not Ben g judged. Love is the constant while you face a war. Love is the only hope when you have no shelter, love is the smile that appears on your face and makes you feel revived. Love is anything and everything that makes you feel alive. Love is the Opposite of hate and lies.


      • How can one knows that the other person state of mind will find comfort in what this person is doing for this person.

        Unless the said person speaks about it. So a same act won’t find comfort at a given time.

        Since I have lost the color of love and trust at my end. So tracing back it’s true colors. For me, it didn’t exist or if exist I can’t able to get it true form. Or may be might definition is different which I can’t able to define at my end properly.

        That’s why asked it.

        For me, trust and love is everywhere depends upon our heart condition, if we are in good state everything looks good and we love everything we see, else we find the darkness in happiness by saying it’s witty or crude!

        Same goes with trust, when we are clean from inside, everything looks pure else everything looks the opposite.

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      • Happiness is within. Love is within us. It’s pointless chasing love in somebody else when you have it in you.
        Yes, as it is, definitions always differ. What is love for me might not be love for you. And it’s not that love does not exist. Does it mean u wish to say that your mother’s love had never been true? Your siblings, father, friends?
        Love is every where until u discover it.

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