Little twinkling lights 

Little twinkling lights on the go

Turn into cities 

With suffocation consuming you to distortion.

Little twinkling lights on the go

Turn into cities brimming with greed and ego.

Little twinkling lights… 

Looks so beautiful from the clouds up high,

Innocent and welcoming …

What a breathtaking sight to feast on! 

Little twinkling lights 

I loved to see it from the sky above,

Little twinkling lights…

Turned into heartless suckers on the go.


5 responses to “Little twinkling lights 

  1. This poem describes today’s urban environment so well.

    Pretty from the air but a different feeling down in the streets.

    I remember when I moved to Vancouver in October 2012, I flew in from the air and looked down on the city and thought how pretty it looked.

    4 years later I was evicted from my Vancouver apartment after I had trouble finding a new job and could no longer afford that city’s skyrocketing rent increases.

    I’m now living back in my home province trying to get my life back on track again.

    Some cities look pretty and alluring but if you can’t make a living while living there, they suck.

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    • I pray your life be showered with happiness and peace.
      Mishaps are a part of life. At least we learnt the truth of what lies behind the flawless skin.
      But you know what, what we do, comes back to us. Karma is not a bitch… Karma is fair. And maybe I not a religious person but I definitely believe in the power of the universe that created us.

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