​I see the Present playing today’s drama on the go,

Bright and dull at the same time.

My mind rummaging through the lost memories of the bygone 

Ear phones throbbing 1960s

Life is slow and fast at the same time. 

I recall the moments now old and weak 

My mind replay the best of it.

The songs I hear carry the dreams I had pin marked

For ourselves back on those days,

During nights I couldn’t sleep in your love. 

Now those rusted pins hurt my skin, 

And words I hear along the rhythm 

Crunch my heart. 


Cannot I listen to our songs

Without being reminded of you? 

After all these years 

Cannot you fade away like the clouds an hour ago now gone…? 


24 responses to “Replay

  1. Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
    Take a sad song and make it better

    Remember to let her into your heart
    Then you can start to make it better

    – Paul McCartney
    (The Beatles)

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