Little things 

When a storm comes across sunshine,

Their eyes click

And a beautiful Rainbow springs across the skyline.

When a seed is sowed 

Under some brown tiny particles 

Little expressions merge and blooms a flower offering a cheerful sight.

When love meets life 

*Sparkles and Pixie dust*

And bodies soak into each other to form a baby life on earth. 

Little buttery fingers and big round eyes

How beautiful and heartwarming is the sound of first cry. 

Baby steps and giggles ringing the house 

A puppy running with his happy tail for a flight. 

How romantic is a moonlit night

With couples holding hands and sharing love over their favorite wine…

I would love these little moments of surprises,

Moments of laughter with the constant friends of my life. 

Watching the sunrise with a hand around me, 

Cooking dinner for the loved ones

And talking all night. 

Ah! How blissful these images sound to me!

Walking along the footsteps that care enough to never leave my plate of life. 

Wasted are these happy times 

Running after some unknown pride,

Gone are the little gestures and smiles 

That could have otherwise happened to make me feel right. 

I would rather have little bags of happiness 

Scattered all over the places 

For me to fall in love with,

Than have a weary life 

Circled around pleonexia and myths. 

I could have had it all.

I could have had it all, 

If I had listened to the phone calls adjured for my time,

I could have had it all

If I hadn’t gone after the materialistic climb. 


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