Mama love 

My mama never left me home alone,

Until I grew up and started sneaking out of the house.

My mama never frowned at me when I woke her up for food,

While i cringed and cursed when she tried to poke me out of my phone for a while. 

My mama never forgot my complicated understated requests,

While I forgot to behave and spoilt the rest of her day with big words out of my mouth.

My mama hugged me tight and brought me the ice cream tub,

The night she found me crying over some closed files. 

My mama has been my best friend when others cut the ties,

She never failed to feel the pain in me overlooking my forged smile. 

My mama never hurt me,

Even though she is a human just like me. 

She never promised me something she couldn’t,

She never lied her love to me. 

My mama never took me for granted,

Though at times I did make her feel smaller than me.

My mama never let go of me, 

Even though I showed her the ugliest side of my life. 

She held on to me,

Even after the fights I let on. 

My mama is most beautiful woman I know

She is the first unconditional love of my life. 


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