“Don’t worry Mommy is here”

​The children continued crying and screaming in fear as the spider crawled under the bed.

She was by the door watching the scene happen. 

She couldn’t kill a spider. She had arachnophobia. She was herself scared to the bone. She wanted to run and hide but even if running away seemed a  better idea to her than facing the spider, she couldn’t leave them alone. 

The spider showed itself again and this time climbing the bed on which the kids kept jumping, terrified, shivering and screaming with every move of the spider towards them. The children panicked. 

“Okay okay calm down you two, Mommy will kill it.”

She took a deep breath and went after it. 

The cries stopped with the spider dead on the floor. 

Being a Mother was definitely more than what she had in mind. 


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