​I miss my childhood 

When life was colored pink 

And my favourite humans were either Cartoons or Barbies. 

When the only dream that kept me occupied included

Watching all the cartoons, 

Buying story books,

And  every little element of my Barbie doll house. 

I was so eagered to grow up and live the story i directed with my cast and crew of all the dolls and cars.

But now it seems like those lifeless human forms were much more merrier than the real ones. 

Life was bright pink then, 

Now it’s just a mess of all the dull colors I know.


13 responses to “Pink

  1. This poem resonates with me.
    It seemed my life started going down hill the day I started public school in Grade 1.
    The imaginary friends of my pre-school childhood were so much more reliable than real “friends” I discovered.

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