Body type- Female

She had a scarred soul 

With a heart wounded 

But never scared to love. 

She was a girl who cared, 

Who knew how to love 

And understand situations.

She cared for her loved ones,

She respected their mothers.

She was a happy soul

With dreams too beautiful to think of.

With an open mind 

She never criticized,

And accepted people and their raw art. 

She was a kind heart who easily forgave

And reappeared at your door 

With fresh batch of cookies. 

She was a girl not ready to give up her broken doll

Because she loved her doll despite the scarred skin and other flaws. 

She was so much more than words can describe 

She was warm enough to keep you occupied. 

She was never a dull moment,

She was never a clingy girlfriend.

She was never a trouble,

Never a lie. 

Hungry for love and a happy ending,

All she wanted was to love and to be loved.

She was in search of love 

That would not be a lie…

A soul to breathe into her 

The happiness she desired. 

But sadly to them,

She was just a female body 

With curves to grab hold of 

And a vagina to fuck. 


12 responses to “Body type- Female

  1. I do believe that it is the reality, but I also think people who love us for who we are look at us with a very different perspective. But in some cases it is the harsh reality, and that’s really heartbreaking.
    A very well written poem, really touched me. You have great skills dear, keep up with it 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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