The ruptured castle in the air

She was born in a family

But reared in captivity.

For the family was not a family,

Just a bunch of blood related bodies

Worshipping religion and social acidity. 

She was fortified by school books not fantasy, 

Whipped and spitted upon if not applauded at school. 

They despised her techniques and beliefs…

They questioned and buried her every dream. 

But for the World 

They were a perfect family

Hand in hand

Loving and overwhelmed.

But Love and money was not enough for her 

For their love was tagged with restrains.

Understanding and respect was denied to her,

Like a prisoner 

Chained and scanned 

And eyes on her every move. 

She was not free 

Though in her mind she was unchained. 

She was taught to wear all the social norms

A social puppet in a box until she rot. 

She was never to see the ocean

Or peep through the hole for dreams. 

She was dusted and placed like a show piece on the table

And not treated as a human soul yearning for discoveries.

Never looked upon was her beautiful heart full of dreams

Never was heard her songs and screams. 

She wanted to escape the box and chains

But the world was too a cunning place. 

A social animal she never wanted to be

She wanted to be wild like the wind

Untamed and free.

She waited but never arrived the Dawn …

She kept waiting and hoping and praying for a storm.


13 responses to “The ruptured castle in the air

  1. This is so powerful. And because it is so universal, it could be the story of anyone on this earth. I can feel the tension in her being, the fight in her spirit. There is always hope that one day things will be different, things will change for the better. The caged bird will sing and be free.

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  2. In the light of hope, the days passed
    But the torment could no longer last
    The fire inside burnt too bright
    No cage could hold her tight
    The breeze came in like a storm
    Tearing down those shiny halls
    The cage opened and the bird was free
    She ran away to those memories

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