I walked to the door 

Hoping a miracle to discover

Sunshine and spring

Butterflies flowers and green. 

I stepped in

And the door locked me inside

As I felt the walls 

It was a box I realised. 

An empty black box with not a twig to uncover 

Dark and gloomy 

With silence of agony and terror. 

I was locked!

The door had vanished,

No crack no hole…

I couldn’t see my own hands,

Empty handed and crestfallen

I was exposed to pitch dark and cold. 

I screamed but no-one  could hear me out

I banged the walls but not a sound escaped. 

Trapped inside

I put my arms around my body

My head hurt and my body froze.

I was lost and not a soul would know I existed

Deep under the ocean I was estranged. 

I was tormented with no sleep

For it was forlorn box 

And not a coffin for resting in peace. 


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