The Solus Roots Of Dolour 

​Everyday I wake up to the same old window, 

The same landscape with dull shades and the same tea-cup. 

Oversized faded tshirts and unkept hair, 

The same lifeless eyes gawking at me through the mirror.

The same songs on repeat

The same concrete walls

The same midday heat and evening showers. 

The same clock ticking it’s way round the same numbers, 

Following the same circular motion,

Miserable and unstoppable. 

I rest my body diagonally on the bed

For there is no soul to share my space with. 

I listen to the music of the wind and the rain 

I stare at the clouds drifting apart. 

I count hours until another day

Seasons after seasons

Another dawn

Another Twilight 

The same old life – 

Sad wrecked and abandoned. 


16 responses to “The Solus Roots Of Dolour 

  1. Silence is the most unheard voice.The everyday chores keep us busy but at the same time after a while it looks boring,its not because of our same fixed routine but bcoz we are not happy in what we are doing.
    Excellent work Tanushree Ma’am★★★

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  2. It’s the bitter truth that we human follow a routine knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly…. We can’t change these routines, at times it makes us feel sick, tired and bored but still no change…
    Thus, let’s not observe life or try to understand.
    We must all LIVE LIFE KING SIZE….

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