The lost circus 

I left a trail behind to be saved and found

Ashes of my burnt heart and bits of my crushed pride. 

I spend nights of the fall under the trees empty and still,

No canopy to cover me, and not a leaf to protect me from the chills.  

I walked in boots with melting feet,

Smelling of rags and empty bottle of fumes. 

I searched for a home, some food and company

Crossed the sea to the other side

Survived hurricanes and griefs. 

I walked the abandoned city searching for space under the broken lights,

A bit of warmth and stability amidst the windy lanes of the dead. 

I ate the half-eaten bits of food relished by the rats and ticks, 

I cried alone in the public washroom with unwashed dirt and whiff. 

I tried to drown myself only to find the water too dry 

I buried myself under the sand

But the need to breathe sucked me out. 

I watched time pass and madness take over my organised mind, 

Understanding life submitted to brooding and sighs.

I was transforming into a cannibal from a human kind,

Emotions renouncing my cage of bones 

The circus of my life never finding its path to me. 

Deserted by the electromagnetic field of passion and temptation,

Untouched by civilization and human skin…

I waited to be found by the kiss of love and touch 

But time defeated the urge to be loved, 

And I found my body frozen and still,

 Succumbed to melancholy and abyss 

Six feet under the earthy skin. 

34 responses to “The lost circus 

  1. Its just brilliant . I am kind of new at this , so do correct me if I get the moto of your poem wrong . Its the cry of a dying soul both literally and metamorphically , right ?

    Liked by 1 person

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