Journal Entry 

​Dear Diary,

I have this blank page to myself,

And a pen that looks classic. 

Some fresh mango juice 

Of the bright Summer to slake my thirst,

And some nachos and spicy mayo indeed 

To keep me quiet and not crazy. 

It’s a pleasant sunny day, 

With splashes of cool air 

And my easy efforts to stay clear of the sun. 

I listen to the radio, 

But the shit is too much for a hot day like this! 

So I turn it off and doodle some dots on the paper. 

Now come on!  That’s the best I can,

I am definitely not a painter freak or something! 

I make circles and keep inflaming them,

Hoping for some muse to pop out of the black.

 I want to write a new something for my blog

Something to express Today, 

Right now. 

I am a happy soul for the moment, 

A beautiful day of some vodka infused drink

And mom marinating steaks for barbecue. 


I was not to mention about the vodka indulgence… 

However I just got to secure my thoughts with a code

And mom and me are good to go. 


I am still searching my muse,

But everytime I concentrate on one thing

I get lost in the beauty of it 

And start living the moment… 

Instead of writing thoughts out of the fish tank. 

Every time I look at that tree playing with the wind, 

I keep looking to relish the next episode of the game. 


Hand on my chin and hmm… 



Maybe that’s what today is about!

Bye bye diary,

I am gonna live the moment for now. 

And yes, 

Maybe after tonight with my date

I will have some new expressions to talk about. 

Wink wink. 

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