Chained To The Unstoppable 

​Life takes obscure turns,

Often leaving us blindfolded 

In front of mysterious fog engulfed bridges 

Leading to untravelled destinations. 

We crave for our good old bed,

The satisfaction and warmth of our home. 

Standing on the edge of no return 

Homesick and scared,

We beg for a chance to trade anything 

For our lost belonging. 

But time is brutal and unstoppable,

Not afraid of anything or anyone but himself. 

Not ever stopping by for a hello,

Or for sunset at the beach.

Even if time wishes to standby and savour the universe it runs,

Even if time wishes to sit by the fire for some warmth…

It never stops. 

Therefore carrying the misery of being an unstoppable passenger for eternity,

With a granite heart it leaves our company 

With all that is laid in front of us.

And we stand there on the edge 

Helpless and fixed to time and human death. 

With human sigh of misery and fear of the unknown

We start walking towards the untold bridge.

Slowly buying the fact 

That life cannot be weighed at our will

Only we get to learn to balance it for our good. 


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