Muffled yowls 

Do you hear me love? 

Do my cries reach your ears? 

My words bragged into sentences, 

Screaming the same old-

“Get back to me please!” 

Time and again. 

My pleads and hollowness,

My howls and my muffled cries… 

Do you hear it love? 

Because every word I utter, 

Every pain and teardrop I unlid

Every particle of it echoes…

Coming back to me, 


And I am afraid it never reaches your address

Though I keep yowling through the night

Hoping you would listen… 

Maybe someday, 

Or maybe you listen but never care to reply. 


2 responses to “Muffled yowls 

  1. Ouch. I know what you mean. Of course I don’t yowl.🙈 Maybe one could compare it to a howl of sorts. As it does burn and pains me deeply. Especially the on set of another lonely night. If I’m out store, friends, where ever I dread going home because I can already feel the whole in my heart shuttering in panic. As it knows what’s approaching. I attempt to distract myself, but I always end up coming back to the unshakeable fact I miss my love like nothing else in the world.

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    • I don’t yowl either. But I have been crazy and reckless in love. But one thing we should remember is that we shouldn’t let any other person overpower us.

      The simple thing is that its all about our soul. We love because it makes us feel better, but when the same love hurts and leaves us behind, we feel the pain of separation growing everyday. WE LET IT HAPPEN..
      But is it worth it? Why to hurt myself crying over the person who didn’t value me. Why? Cut it off. I tried and succeed. Attempts fail at first but we need start somewhere.
      I believe that first I should learn to respect and love myself in order to understand what’s best for me and what’s not.
      Thank you for reading my post.

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