​The monstrous animal under the skin so flawless,

Is an unpredictable spirit of love and hate.

Lurking over the lives of the innocents,

Rolling dice in the name of religion. 

Hiding the real colour of his heart,

Shading it with expensive tags.

Batting eye lashes rating the priceless, 

Spitting on the classics in the name of love. 

One little screen 

And he believes to have conquered the world,

Without flipping over the carpet 

To learn the unseen.

Presenting bottled venom in the name of elixir, 

Swearing disgrace in the name of the Lord. 

Carrying tattoos of humanity and big words of pre-eminence,

With a knife and a secret book of lies in hand. 

Donations continued to frame the black as white,

Sparking smile hiding the canines. 

Eye on the lives of independent souls 

Every one of him chained with cunning stories untold. 


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