Waves Sand And Vermilion Aesthetics 

​As the waves touch my feet with every arrival

Caressing my skin

Pulling me closer to the horizon,

The dancing waves and sand beneath gently swings me 

And I fall down to the softness 

Tasting the saltiness passed on through generations. 

The heat blinds itself 

Confronting the glimmering waves of ice

Cool breeze fetching the sound of the ocean Travelling long distances 

Through caves falls and shrines. 

As the drowsy orange ball falls down the line,

Little birdies fly back home

Boats and boards return to the shore. 

White clouds metamorphosed into vermilion synthetics 

Awestruck, my eyes capture the sudden aesthetic. 

I listen to the giggles fading into whispers,

Crowds disappearing into distant figures.

With every hour bygone

The sound of the ocean is deepened 

Waves crashing without any human warmth to touch,

Silence bragging 

Loneliness triggered. 


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