Rottening existence 

While holding hands of your beloved, 

Dreaming of a beautiful home and family.

While making plans for future,

Of travelling the world together.

Engraving promises of growing old hand in hand…

Of watching grandchildren play in the courtyard.

Remember that while you are dreaming of the future, 

The earth is dying already

Decaying gradually inch by inch. 

The clocking ticking to stop for The End,

The atmosphere mourning death. 

The places you promise to explore together won’t exist anymore

Promises to grow old will turn into 

Embracing tragic death watching your little children struggle for what they have never been a cause. 

The world is dying. 

And when it ends, it takes us all with it. 

8 responses to “Rottening existence 

  1. Spot on correct! But unfortunately, Mother Earth has never been accepted as home in real means by human beings, except the Shamans. The poem like you have written is important to catch awareness of the planet Earth! Thank you, my Earthling friend. 🙂

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