The ordeal of my evening cup 

​Today’s evening coffee was stirred with memories I didn’t wish to taste. 

Memories that clenched my gut

Memories that discoloured the good mood I wore.

Loosened compulsion,

It was all coming back. 

Roaring along the storm

Passing through me. 

Flashbacks of the past, 

The sound of his voice 

His laughter 

His face. 

His promises


Sunday rides

Lunch and liquor,

Coffee dates

Hand in hand

Shared secrets 


Our escape to the forbidden. 

My head was burning,

My heart clogged with the tears 

That until now were somewhere pushed inside. 

Sips of torment…

I drank every ounce of it

And let out all the struggle at once,

Every ounce of love

Every ounce of pain 

I drank all of it

I emptied the cup of desolation and hate. 


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