Another disagreement regarding humans! 

Staged in a land where humans and aliens coexist. 

“Human bags????  You crazy? They will protest against it!” Nada exploded after hearing the 5th reasonable explanation I offered. But I didn’t understand what the big deal about it was. I understand he is slightly inclined towards them and all because of that stinking human affair he is having! 

But this is about our business. I cannot let us to a dead end. Business isn’t good and we need a new product for the market. Last month I came up with an idea and created a sample bag made up of human skin. Modified to its best. Unknown to the fact what it was made of, it had gained approval from the board of directors and even my brother Nada loved the bag. To quote him he said “Wow, smooth leather. You need to gift me the first bag of our new production.” 

But all the excitement and appreciation vanished the moment I disclosed the beauty of the leather I used. 

“I am not discussing this again with you.”

He stated hastily. He looked and sounded angry. Well of course he was. 

“Why brother? Our alien friends I shared this idea with, they loved it and Mr. Levion was even ready to sponsor us. Don’t u see how good this opportunity is?”

“Human skin?” He shouted. “I am certainly not in the mood to let my little sister be the cause of the next World War between the aliens and humans. Our civilization after years of war is finally at peace with the humans. We have reached mutual consent, and your crazy hypocritical idea of massacre of humans for  leather jackets and bags is an evil one. They will protest and I am not allowing all that trouble again.”

“Seriously? When was the last time they did not protest?? They protest about every FUCKING thing! And don’t act like they are very innocent. What about the organisms they kill for leather products??  Oh hello! Are you overlooking the fact that last summer you gifted your human girlfriend a crocodile leather bag and she loved it?? ” I raced out all the words I had trafficking my brain. I couldn’t let go of my plan. 

I did make sense. 

Humans too kill other organisms of the ecosystem for their leisure. What wrong did I do then?? 

Nada made a face of disgust. 

“What are you going to do when they question about the declining human race? After all… they aren’t chickens and cows to breed.” 

I knew where he was going with this. He was trying his old trick of questioning me things that I didn’t have an answer to (he knew very well how to shut me). But this time I was prepared. 

“We will do the same Homo Sapiens do. We too will build sanctuaries for some. Carry on some charities and act smart. Just like them! I have a report on the killings they are engaged in for centuries and their ways of dealing with Controversies and protests, so I basically know how to deal with them. And oh yes, along with protection rights we will have a treaty too. I have it all planned. Come on brother, say yes to it. ” I pleaded. 

“Shut up and keep out of it. I am not entertaining a single word about this again. Go home.” Nada gave me one of those looks which meant “The End” and stormed out of his office leaving me behind with a loud bang of the door. I was so angry. And I still am. 


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